Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Te reo

Description:Every Monday some people go to kappa Haka and the people who don't go to Kappa Haka are doing et reo. I do et reo! we learn the Maori body parts and sing some Maori songs. I like Te reo because you get to make posters and movies and I made a movie and it was fun.


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Big idea:for Te reo I am in a group of two I was in a three but kiana had to go with someone else so I am just with Alyssa and she is good at it so I am glad I am with her.

Feedback: I like how you added the song to explain the body parts in Maori.
Feed forward: maybe next time you could explain what the words mean.

Evaluation:I think I need to work on making my movie more interesting so people will watch it.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Portfolio writing

Description:in school we are doing writing and I am in Kate's writing group and it is F U N fun because we get to choose the sort of writing we want to do and I chose to do a description because I love to do them and I love writing. When we did our writing it had to do with LIFE and so I did a story about my uncle that I had never seen in reall life only on pitchers so I hope you enjoy my writing.

Title:uncle Scotty 
Description:my uncle Scotty died because he had cancer and he was very sick and about one month later he had a heart attack and died. But there was something really special about him and that was that he was the most kindest person in the whole wide world! He's was thoughtful caring and loving. But when we heard that he had died everyone was so sad and terrified. I never actually saw my uncle so I don't know what he looked like. But I am sure he looked nice and handsome.  

Big idea:what i am trying to tell you is that even if you think your life is not going the way you want it to other people think that you get on well and you try your best.look At this quote!🌅
Feedback: I enjoy the quote and I also feel sorry for you because you never met your uncle.
Feed forward: maybe next time you could put into your writing of what your parents really liked about him. Devin 

Evaluation:I think I need to work on making my story sound interesting so that people will keep reading my story and not think it is boring but I have tried my best and I am proud of what I have done.